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An expression can thus be fixed even if it is used by few people and exists only for a limited period. The concept of stability would probably greatly benefit from being linked to "situational fixedness", similar to routine formulae or pragmatic idioms, which are totally context-dependent. Having for a long time worked without coherent corpora cf. The reason for the indication of the source in 13 is a different one.

Vol 4 No 1 (2018): EJLS January April 2018

To avoid being accused of plagiarism speakers obviously do not want to use a highly original expression without indicating that it has been created recently by someone else: credit where credit is due! And as in the case of functions of metalinguistic comments implying common usage of an expression cf. Of course, he also demonstrates his communicative skill by using a highly figurative expression, even if it is not his own invention, to concisely express an extremely complex state of affairs. Diese Wirkung kann u.

Wotjak The speaker knows that the hearer can in no way be forced to respect his intended meaning, as the producer of an utterance is by no means master of its interpretation. Four types of comment indicating speaker-preferred interpretation of FEs will be distinguished. In the examples presented this — verbal — comment-type precedes the FE, but it could also follow it.


There is not one single instance in the corpus where nonverbal inverted commas are opened with the left hand before the expression in question and closed with the right hand at the end of it. It is probable the highly conflictual relationship between guests Anja and Kai which makes host Sonja indicate that the FE ein Zeichen von Liebe is not to be interpreted literally.

The expression is thus perfectly adequate, unless BK wants to qualify the lexeme mother. If not, it is not impossible that host Birte Karalus produces an illogical comment, typical of talk shows, thinking nevertheless that she is presenting herself as a competent speaker of German. It is a fashionable expression, frequently used, not as much as in French, however, where even news speakers on television have been heard using on va dire. Drogen nimmt- es kann ja auch immer irgendwas andres sein;. A comment heard on television — sagen wir mal so salopp let us say loosely — confirms this interpretation: the producer states that he has not taken as much care in constructing his turn as he should have.

Most likely because, even if he indeed does so, the advantages are stronger than the disadvantages.

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S is aware of the fact that he is neglecting the conversational maxim of manner "Be perspicuous! On the other hand, the producer presents himself as a competent speaker, able to be critical of his own speech.

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Diskussionen anfangen-. However, if it is a FE, characterized by frequent use in a stable form, then why does S have to state this? Probably because he is not sure that everybody understands the expression. Another difference is that whereas sogenannt always comments on a FE or a well-known monolexical expression, sozusagen can also be used to mark a non-conventional unique or personal use of a lexical item. It seems that the function of the metalinguistic comment is to underline the FE, to draw attention to it rather than indicating its literal nature; and of course to demonstrate that the FE is well adapted to the situation.

In this programme, broadcast on DSF every Sunday morning between 11 a. MV himself then produces an evaluation of his FE, i. The criterion for classifying an expression as a Phrase thus seems to be the frequency of use in a specific situation, i. But the aim of the Phrasenschwein is of course not to deliver a systematic linguistic analysis, but to amuse the spectator. The negative evaluation of Phrasen also seems to be motivated by the principle "Variatio delectat", the rhetorical maxim which implies a recommendation to avoid stereotyped language. As a matter of fact, considering the almost inevitable use of prefabricated language cf.

The systematic analysis of authentic corpora would certainly help to establish empirically valid accounts of real-life use of phraseological expressions and thus do away with stereotyped prejudice against certain types of language use. In the first two types, the producer of a FE himself comments on it by using a preceding or following metalinguistic evaluation. Following a classification and structural description of various types of metalinguistic comments on FEs, interpretations as to their conversational functions have been formulated.

Given the official absence of specifically oriented co-participant reactions validating these interpretations, they cannot claim more than the status of hypotheses which are, however, the result of detailed analyses of multiple instances of metalinguistic comments. At the same time he takes care of his own face, presenting himself as a competent speaker and distancing himself from formulations which are widely used within the speech community and may thus be considered hackneyed.

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