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So make a mask and add some horror to your day or someone else's! Can you transform yourself into one of these legendary creatures by using such ordinary things as tape and scissors? Click below to learn the shocking truth and get a free mask.

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But when your battle armor isn't handy or when you just need a quick easy halloween mask , these helmets are the perfect thing! Fits kids or adults. Two models to choose from! So they may be cursed, hexed or haunted. They might even open inter-dimentional rifts but I can't gaurantee anything.

And as one might expect, these peculiar pendants may or may not have certain dimention-altering characteristics.

They're mysterious, inexplicable and always in style. There's just nothing quite like it Here's an alternative: a flintlock replica that fires rubber bands! Includes six menacing ghostly targets. But imagine their surprise when you lift it up, pull back the plunger, slam the needle into your arm and calmly inject yourself! Here's a nice large hammer and three deadly stakes, ideal for all your vampire slaying needs.


The stakes are even cord wrapped to prevent those bothersome splinters that so often take all the fun out of your eternal quests for vengeance. Should you remain polite or just grab a stake and shove it through someone's chest? If you happen to decide the stake's a good idea, here's one that won't do any permanent harm. This sword is sure to make it's way into your heart one way or the other. Includes scabbard and hanging plaque, in your choice of gold or silver Click here to build yours!

So here's a traditionally styled medieval sword in your choice of gold or steel. The sword is 32 inches long with a 23 inch blade, and comes complete with a scabbard and hanging plaque. Then you might want to consider equiping yourself with a sword. Here's one you can assemble and brandish proudly. And it can be yours! Not that anyone's trying to get rid of it or anything, since it's probably not really haunted and may not actually float around the room when no one's looking It's sure to add just the right touch of medieval charm to any setting.

Of course, you can also wave the thing around menacingly to keep everyone back a few paces. Concerned that some nightmarish monster might borrow your car keys and waste all your gas cruising around town? We all have such problems, but this handy item might help A complete set of six ghastly little creatures, all anxious to dangle from your pocket. A great way to show the world you dig monsters! This toy will look quite stylish on your bookshelf or table top. And the bat is life sized, with a sixteen inch wingspan! Now isn't that just the cutest thing? It's a nifty illusion, and your friends will be amazed So why not invite them into your home for a concert?

They'll play whatever music you enjoy. And if they find your place comfortable, they might just sort of hang around indefinitely. So now you can enjoy a full six piece band. Of course, Sky may insist on burning incense, and Tony might borrow all your vinyl albums. But other than that, they shouldn't be any bother. Charlie taught all the other musicians how to play, and he promises to keep an eye on them.

A classic style nosferatu, a friendly looking werewolf, and a And they're just waiting to be your new friends! Quick and easy to build, these little monsters are sure to bring a smile. There's Dr. Goodendead and his Monster, as well as the Countess, who comes complete with her own set of wings. Lately they've been being followed constantly by an ominous skeletal character in a long black robe, but they're too busy enjoying each other's company to notice.

e-book The Zombie Valentines Day Party (A Zombie Kids Book)

These grotesque little fellows are certain to add a'distinctive' look to any shelf or desktop. And you can finally satisfy that secret desire to bring forth enormous hordes of shambling zombies to terrify the world! Three more have turned up to join your ever growing zombie horde. And don't be worried about having too many zombies. After all, what could possibly go wrong? And these three ladies are said to be the most dangerous witches for miles around. So why not invite them into your home?

It's probably safer than trying to keep them out. Here's a mortician with an unpleasant reputation , an innkeeper with an equally unpleasant reputation and a scarecrow who's rumored to be alive. Then this fine selection of evil robots should suit your needs quite nicely.

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They're quick and easy to assemble, and all of their parts can be interchanged to create whatever machine best fits your purposes. Build your own evil minions and rule the world! Assemble one of these and you'll never have to dance alone again! But how many include a scarlet recluse, a jade bloodleech or a skull pincher? This fine collection includes all these and more! Choose your favorites or display all 24 spiders to show the world you're a qualified expert in the field of spiderology.

They're not just nocturnal A sturdy wooden frame is included with each portrait so it can be hung on a wall or stand upright on a shelf or desktop.

Just hang one of these mystical Dream Shredders above your bed and rest easy, knowing any potential nightmares will be ground into oblivion. Why take chances?

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Here's a floating candelabra mobile that adds a mysterious supernatural look to any room you choose. Includes your choice of white, red or black candles. In fact, they'd be much obliged if you could take a few of them off their hands. These bats have promised not to bite anyone, so you're sure to enjoy having them drifting around.

It's easy to build with just a few common household items, and it uses ordinary 35mm film. He's currently residing in a dead tree here in RavensBlight, where he's in constant fear of being eaten by werewolves. It's so unusual, in fact, that I had to include a video just to explain what it does.

It's flat, with only two sides, but it can be flipped around to reveal a total of six sides. An astonishing, mind numbing pocket sized enigma! Really works, especially at night and in candlelight! Just shake the Vault, pour the Answer Cubes out in front of you, and behold the answer to any question you might ask.