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Bella obligingly chugs cup after cup.


According to myth, the creature will bite its way out of the womb, killing its mother in the process. Still she loves it. Edward bites it out of her, turning her into a vampire, and saving the spawn, which they name Renesmee seriously. Then there are six hundred pages of preparation for a vampire battle, but in the end everyone decides that peace is the way to go. I must read them. These books are insidious. There is some kind of evil woven into the fibre of the pages, I think, something that has broken me.

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I closed the final book in a state of shock: how many hours had I wasted? And why did it make such little sense? She sets the stories in a redneck town in Louisiana, and mortal-on-immortal action provides the backbone of the plot. After reading two, I was done, and still confused. I tried a different tack: what did the academy have to say about vampire fixation?

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At this point, I felt that there was little more I could discover about vampires. When hunky Stefan ignores the interests of Elena Gilbert, she cannot figure out why. Of course, like Edward in Twilight , Stefan is a vamp with a bad boy brother.

Find suspense and high school drama. I am always a sucker for YA books where all of the good stuff happens at private schools among the overly privileged. Did you know that vampires have their own elite, the Blue Bloods? Yup, their veins run blue and they love some juicy…meat. Of course, they are popular, rich, and gorgeous too. Schuyler is a new Blue Blood, risking her own life to learn more about this secret society while solving a murder mystery.

These are some of the best books about vampires that will cure your bloodlust. Which would you consider to be the best bloodsucker books of all time? Will you read one of the suggested vampire books for tweens and teens too? Lastly, what qualities make a good vampire novel for you? Let me know in the comments. Both are absolutely must-reads. I had a feeling that you might love those two vampire books. Maybe I should.

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A good vampire novel for me has a good story with a lot of murder and some romance as well. Dracula is classic and you know I love the Sookie Stackhouse novels! I should have a full book review up for Undead As A Doornail by next week, if not this week. Watch for sales on Amazon because usually, Aicher discounts his books once in a while. I need to check out her books as the books are always better than TV shows and movies! Although, TV shows do have a lot longer to get things right. I was also a little let down by the end of Bram Stokers Dracula — anyone else?

Great list! Also — there are a lot of romantic vampire-related novels out there! Why did the Sookie Stackhouse book series have to end? Have you read any of her series?

I know Wicked Appetite made the Salem book list. Still, Stackhouse is my fav, especially with all of the paranormal elements. HBO definitely added their sexy spin! When vampires were all the rage, I read so many series that I thought I had read them all but obviously not. I read this so long ago that I barely remember it though. I watched that movie once and never again. You know my thing with animals. Cried like a baby at the theater watching that one. I started Vampire Diaries and could never get through the first few chapters.

I read all of the Sookie Stackhouse books which were way better than the show, but I was not happy with the ending. I also think the author grew bored as she finished the series.

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I always wondered if that was her endgame all along with that final book. I was refusing to read Twilight and then I ended up with the flu, so I read all 4 books in 4 days.

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It was more curiosity out of anything else. I was debating adding Anne Rice; a few people have messaged me about that title too. For Sookie, I am not sure that I felt satisfied or happy with the ending either. I agree: the end of the series seemed maybe rushed or just tired.

Everyone needs more Eric lol! Like you, I read the Twilight books out of curiosity. Same for Fifty Shades and Gone Girl. Back in my public librarian days, you kind of have to in order to be on top of your game or not feel like a fraud. They are good books if you have the flu. OMG in dying at the red wine in the fridge!! Worst librarian ever!

For real though, great list. Your books lists are always so diverse. Definitely have a few to add to my fall list. I am currently reading Dracula and I love it so far. I will definitely read another vampire book! Thanks for the list! Ok, the sad part, though, Macey… I feel like we would both love Martin since his books have so many historical aspects?! I dunno!

I had to google the Candy Apple Books. I was like: what IS this madness?! I remember reading vampire and werewolf books in series like Sweet Valley High. Do those even exist these days? Probably not. Hmmm, I am not terribly sure that the Twilight Saga books are better than the movies. But, a good cheese that we all need on occasion until it builds up on our thighs…. You are so not uncultured lol!!

You are cracking me up.

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You are just far too busy reading all of these amazing and intense historical nonfiction books while I am swimming in steamy vampire sex. I am itching for vampire reads. I always love fall reads the most—and sometimes so cozy ones for the winter.